Localizing SDG's Online Course

3rd edition of the online Course "Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals: Tools for Local Transformation"

The world organization United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the Barcelona Provincial Council, ​​through the Observatory for Decentralized Cooperation and UCLG Learning, are launching the 3rd edition online course "Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Tools for Local Transformation" with new updated content and innovative good practices, adjusted to the latest times.

Considering the new post-pandemic global reality of COVID-19, and the global challenges and challenges that are imposed at the local and regional level, the 2030 Agenda emerges, with a broad global consensus, as the frame of reference to guide the recovery process after the health crisis, as well as protect the environment, equality, justice and other universal rights, and thus achieve global sustainable development.

To this end, the course aims to train and provide tools to local and regional governments (LRGs) and their associations to implement and adapt the SDGs at the local level, a process known as “localization of the SDGs”.

In order to enable the participation of as many countries as possible, the course will be available in three languages: Spanish, English and French. This entails a greater diversity of visions and experiences that can only enrich the training.

This training is based on the 3 learning modules on the SDGs lozalization ond the maproad designed by UCLG and Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governmens, UNDP-Art and UN-Habitat, to suport local and regional governments in the formulation, planning and implementation of policies in order to create an environment that facilities action for sustainable development.