Online Course in Decentralised Cooperation - Fourteenth edition

Online Course in Decentralised Cooperation - Fourteenth edition

The Observatory of Decentralised Cooperation EU-LA is launching the fourteenth edition of the online training course in Decentralised Cooperation.

This course is part of the Observatory's training initiative, spearheaded by the Diputació de Barcelona and the Montevideo City Council, aimed at fostering local public policies in the spheres of social cohesion, political leadership and decentralised cooperation. 

The online training offered by the Observatory will be taught in English, Spanish and French. This will lead to a broader diversity of visions and experiences that will unquestionably result in a richer training.

This course aims to provide local governments with the tools to tackle the challenge of finding opportunities to improve the well-being of their citizens through decentralised cooperation relations. This is a specialisation within international relations and cooperation, closely linked to development and local governance.

This training is designed to adapt to the new reality in international relations, taking into account the increased weighting of relationships of exchange as compared to assistance, in a world in which the so-called north-south divide is becoming increasingly blurred. The result is a course comprising 5 modules that is designed to support the efforts of local governments to project themselves on the international stage.

15 September 2019: Registration period closes.
23 September 2019: Course starts.
15 December 2019: Course ends.

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