picture International Tripartite Conference

3rd International Tripartite Conference of the ACP/EC/UN Habitat

From the 14th until the 16th November the International Tripartite Conference organized by the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Organisation, the European Commission (EC), and UN Habitat took place in Brussels. The conference had four big objectives among which there was the creation of a platform with the aim of exchanging prevention practices and the improvement of slums, sensitizing the private sector on the investment possibilities and agreeing on a common declaration to support the dialogue of global policy.

Moreover, the conference brought together Ministers, members of the civil society, mayors, leaders of the community of the Participatory Slum Upgrading Program (PSUP), NGOs, members of the private sector, the academic world, regional development organisations as well as other actors of the international world, that  shared their achievements, experiences, tools and methodologies for the improvement of slums and affordable housing.

The PSUP is a tripartite initiative organized by ACP, the European Commission and UN Habitat, which since 2008 has defended the rights of slums’ citizens, has contributed to the reduction of poverty and the improvement of the living condition in slums and informal settlements.

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