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The Barcelona Provincial Council joined the "Municipality declaration of local governments for right to housing and right to the city"

The last plenary of the Barcelona Provincial Council unanimously approved the signatory of the Corporation to the "Municipalist declaration of local governments for the right to housing and the right to the city."

The Declaration, promoted by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), and under the push of the "United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to housing" initiative, is a global call to action to tackle the challenges that arise from the right to housing, such as the lack of national funding, the deregularization of the market and the growing power of global corporations.

With the signatory of the declaration, the Barcelona Provincial Council demands more legal and fiscal powers to regulate the real estate market and more resources to improve the public housing park, and undertakes to promote renewed housing strategies in terms of social inclusion and Human rights, mixed residential solutions, and planning cities where housing contributes to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the urban fabric, as well as enhance cooperation and solidarity within municipal networks that Defend affordable housing and equitable, just, and inclusive cities.

More than 30 cities, such as Barcelona, ​​Terrassa, Amsterdam, Berlin, Montevideo, Seoul, New York, Montreal or London, and metropolitan entities such as the AMB or the Plaine Comune in Paris have also joined. You can consult the statement and more information at this link:


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