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The second module of learning for localising SDG’s is available now

You can read now the second module of learning for localising Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), entitled "Territorial Planning to achieve SDGs."

The learning modules are the result of a joint initiative by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, UN-Habitat and UNDP-Art, with the support of Barcelona Provincial Council, ​​which has the objective of training and providing tools to carry out the implementation of SDG at the local level, also called "localising SDGs".

After the publication of the first module, which made an introduction of how to “localize SDGs”, this second module deals with how SDG can be integrated in the local and territorial development plans. The main objective of the module is to show and give tools on how SDG can be useful for improving territorial planning processes and how this planning can become a key engine for achieving SDG at all levels.

The module proposes interactive practical exercises that allow trainers to plan and carry out workshops based on an active learning experience that favours the exchange of knowledge.

You can check the module here:

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