Observatorio de Cooperación Descentralizada

VII Annual Conference of The Observatory for Decentralised Cooperation

The VII Conference, organised by the Observatory for Decentralised Cooperation in the European Union - Latin America, will take place on the 4th and 5th of December in Montevideo, under the title "Decentralised Cooperation as a Mechanism to Address Inequality and Strengthen Democracy in the Territories". 

The VII Annual Conference of the Observatory, integrated by the Barcelona Provincial Council and the municipality of Montevideo, will address the state of the art of decentralised cooperation, its role within the framework of global agendas and  its impacts and future challenges. On this occasion, it has been considered essential to address decentralised cooperation in a context of increasing inequalities which, today, is one of the main challenges in both Latin America and Europe. To this end, three key elements will be re raised during this Conference to provoke reflection on how to guide decentralised cooperation towards the new challenges of inequality and citizen distrust in public administrations.

For this reason, plenaries and workshops will be proposed around the following three main issues: 

A. Strengthening technical, sectoral and competitive capacities of local administrations through knowledge transfer.
B. The alliance with territorial actors in decentralised cooperation as a mechanism to promote improved management of more efficient and relational public policies.
C. Increase citizen confidence through accountability, transparency, citizen participation and communication. 

You can consult the Provisional Program here.

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