"Subnational Government Global Observatories and the implementation of the Global Agendas"

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9th World Urban Forum

This event is promoted by the Global Observatories that – revolving around the core advocacy and initiatives of Local and Regional Governments – for the past few years have collected state-of-the-art updated information on the initiatives and activities of sub-national governments for the achievement and implementation of the 2030 Agenda, the New Urban Agenda and other global agendas. The work of these observatories and databases provides a unique collection of first-hand information, data and knowledge on how local and regional governments worldwide are knowing, adapting, implementing and monitoring the global agendas and their goals. Their approaches reflect the vision of local and regional governments of an integrated approach for the implementation and monitoring of the global agendas. The joint expertise of the participating observatories covers the diversity and complexity of the SDGs, the NUA and their underpinning issues. This event is an opportunity for fostering and promoting new partnerships and alliances, aiming to improve data collection, monitoring reporting capacities and institutional dialogue for subnational governments, cities and territories globally making progress toward the construction a Local4Action Hub. Participation, partnership and a strong alliance with local authorities and communities are now more important than ever to fulfil that commitment, and help subnational governments truly achieve these global goals locally.

Actividades de tu interés
  • Forum of Local Governments of the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
    Auditorium of the Industrial School of Barcelona
  • 4th World Forum on Cities and Territories of Peace (27&28 June)
  • 2do. Conversatorio Virtual “Cooperación Transfronteriza en América Latina en los tiempos del COVID-19”
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